Technical Data


The Paper I use are water colour cards from the oldest paper mill in Europe: pure white, free from acids, pH-neutral fabric and surface glue, with deckle-edge and watermark (FA5 FABRIANO 50% COTTONŽ)) The sheet format  is  50 x 70 cm before I cut them in half. The paper weight is  210g/qm.

I draw and paint with a stencil or ink (with home-cut quill and brush), but often also with colour pens (STABILO ToneŽ) featuring  highly light-resistant colours which are water-paintable. I usually draw out the lines applied with a 10 mm colour lead from the colour track with a broad moistened water-colour brush. My pictures are created without any preliminary drawings and without using a rubber, they are not post-edited later but finished "on the spot".  This is the only way to preserve their spontaneity.

I often paint series of three and more drawings,  with different views of the same posture of the model.