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    Illustrated Books 1) Hajo Horstmann: AKT 2001, 100 aquarellierte Zeichnungen aus dem Jahr 2001, (German Title:  Nude 2001, 100 water-coloured drawings from the year 2001).  MONOCEROS  Kunstverlag, Erlangen 2002.  (114 pages, 101 coloured  images,  22x31cm, linen-bound) ,  Prize: €  49,00, (plus packaging + mail dispatch) (ISBN 3-933723-01-9)     Sale & distribution by  Monoceros Verlag, Einhornstr.5,    91054 Erlangen, GERMANY

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    2) Hajo Horstmann: Akt als Skulptur und Zeichnung. (German Title: Nude as Sculpture and Drawing) MONOCEROS Kunstverlag, Erlangen 2003,     ISBN 3-933723-02-7) (123 pages, 110 fcoloured images,  22x30,5cm, Swiss-brochure, string-stapled). price: €  40,00,    (plus packaging + mail dispatch)  Sale  distribution by MONOCEROS Verlag, Einhornstr.5, 91054 Erlangen, GERMANY

  1. This illustrated book contains a new art theory.

  2. An abstract of this theory can be read at: http://www.sanesociety.org/popups.php?opc=bot0&idioma=3&idobra=1980&id=03


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    3) Hajo Horstmann: Miteinander - erotische Federzeichnungen.  (German Title: Together - Erotic Pen-and-Ink Drawings) MONOCEROS Kunstverlag, Erlangen 2004, ISBN 3-933723-03-5. (100 pages, 60 pen-and-ink drawings,  22x30,5cm. linen-bound, string-stapled)  price:  € 35.00 (plus packaging + mail dispatch). Sale & distribution by Monoceros Verlag, Einhornstr.5, 91054 Erlangen, GERMANY.

    Excerpt from the cover text: This book reminds of a ballad: with the difference that it doesn´t tell us about street ballads, but the most beautiful act of man: verses of a rhapsody and love lyrics accompany the pen-and-ink drawings of couples and combine them into a tale of love: towards > each other > together > for the other > side by side > apart. (In German: "Verse eines rhapsodischen Gedichts und Lirebeslyrik begleiten Rohrfederzeichnungen von Paaren und verbinden sie zu einer Erzählung von der Liebe: vom Zu-einander > An-einander > Mit-einander > Für-einander > Neben-einander  > bis zum Von-einander ")

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    4) Hajo Horstmann: Santorin - Aquarelle. (German Title: Santorin - Water Colours).  MONOCEROS Kunstverlag, Erlangen 2005. ISBN 3-933723-04-3. map of 12 offset prints of water-coloured images from Santorin,  Greece.  50 x 35 cm. 4 pages ofaccompanying text). Price: € 40.00 (plus packaging + mail dispatch). Sale and distribution by MONOCEROS Verlag, Einhornstr. 5, 91054 Erlangen, GERMANY.

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